Most Amazing Blog & Standard Planner EVER!

Most Amazing Blog & Standard Planner EVER2

I have the good fortune of being acquainted with a blogger who is a genius!  Not only is her blog simply amazing but she is an extremely talented Graphic Designer.    So, what does a Graphic Designer by day – blogger by night do when they need a planner but nothing on the market seems to fit their needs?  Why, they design it of course! 

Kayla from Say Not Sweet Anne has created a planner which is as fashionable as it is functional!  She has one for blogs and another for everyday.  The standard designs she has created are available for download from her site in PDF format along with directions.  I must say it’s pretty fabulous just the way it is BUT even better is that she will customize it for you for a nominal charge.  I mean dirt cheap price of $12!!  That’s a steal!

When I seen the planner I knew I had to have it!  Then when I began talking with Kayla and realized she would customize it I REALLY knew I had to have it!  Not only did I HAVE to have one for me but I would HAVE to have one for my daughter who returned to college today.  Look at these.. aren’t they fabulous?  *Note – I do not have the tabs on ours yet as our store doesn’t carry them so I had to order them.  You will also notice that they are fairly thick as I printed them on cardstock.  I wanted them to be very durable and hold up through our dragging it all over the place.  Kayla thought of everything with this planner; 365 days – already numbered!!, Highlighted Major Holidays, Weekly to-do lists, project ideas, notes and the list goes on. Seriously, go look at the file and you will see she’s thought of it all.

Most Amazing Blog & Standard Planner EVER2 Most Amazing Blog & Standard Planner EVER3 Most Amazing Blog & Standard Planner EVER4

I did not change anything about the planner at all!  I do have a few basic printing instructions to share with you just in case you’re as anal as I am.  I did not want my planner to print with a border around the page but I also knew it had to print duplex unless I wanted to carry around a 2” book and waste a ton of paper.  I fiddled with my printer for longer than I care to admit before I finally figured out how to make it work.  My printer does have automatic duplex printing as well as borderless printing option but guess what… yep you guessed it… it won’t do both!  If you print in duplex then you get a border, if you print borderless you don’t get automatic duplex.  Finally I realized that I could choose borderless in the printer settings and then in the Adobe PDF printer setting I choose, print all odd pages.  I let it print those completely and then flipped my paper and put it back up in the rear feed and then chose the setting to print all even pages.  Wala!  Is that a word?? Oh well you know what I mean!  It was genius .. finally.. borderless and duplex.  Now, for some of you this may of been easily figured out but for me it took a good 30 minutes of testing but felt like hours!

You can find Kayla’s post and the PDF file on her website: Say Not Sweet Anne – Ultimate Free Blogging Planner 

If you’d like to customize it.. and oh think of the ways; blog name, your name, teenagers or young adults name, business name polka dots, stripes, pink, blue, green and the list goes on and on and on.. oh yeah back to the link for the customized option – sorry I got a little distracted!  You can find the page with information and ordering customized planners on Kayla’s Etsy:  Say Not Sweet Anne Etsy Shop – Custom 2013 Planner Option

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