Saving on Farm to Family Meats with Zaycon Foods

I know I have mentioned whined about it before but with meat prices on the rise once again it’s worth repeating… how are we supposed to feed a family with these prices?  Most of our children are grown and so it’s just four of us at home typically and my husband and I both work however even so we struggle when it comes to grocery store prices.  Throw in the fact that we want to feed our family good, fresh, whole foods that we can trust and it becomes even more of a challenge.  I imagine that most of you reading this are facing the same challenges.

Chicken was the cheapest option for us for the longest time, with prices for boneless breasts coming in at around $1.99 lb.  As of late those prices are becoming harder and harder to find and the quality is seriously lacking as well.

I think I’ve found a solution that provides fair pricing with quality meats for our family and I’m super excited.  I’ve heard great things about Zaycon Foods from my blogger friends and was super excited when they reached out to me to give Zaycon Chicken a try.  Of course I immediately said yes!

Saving on Farm to Family Meats with Zaycon Foods - Zaycon Chicken 1.89 lb. - Yours And Mine Are Ours

Zaycon Foods has “events” where they offer a specific meat like Zaycon Chicken, Zaycon Ground Beef, Zaycon Bacon and so forth at that event at different sites around the country.  You purchase the quantity you want, pay for it and then go pick it up from their truck at the location, date and time you have chosen.  Painless right?

Saving on Farm to Family Meats with Zaycon Foods - Zaycon Chicken 1.89 lb. - Yours And Mine Are Ours

Right now they have a Zaycon Chicken event taking place.  You can purchase fresh (never frozen) boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.89 lb.  That price even beats our sales prices of $1.99 lb.!  Not to mention this is fresh from the farm or processing facility so you don’t have to worry about where it’s been and how long it’s been hanging around before you brought it home.  The chicken comes in 40 lb. packaged in four separate bags, sealed in a larger outer bag and then sealed in a cardboard case.

Once I try the chicken I will be sharing more about it with you all to let you know what I think about the pickup process as well as the product itself.  So, make sure you come back next Monday to see a great recipe as well as more information about my experience.

If you would like to check out Zaycon Foods for yourself and see when there will be an event near you, you can do so by visiting their website – here.

Saving on Farm to Family Meats with Zaycon Foods - Zaycon Chicken 1.89 lb. - Yours And Mine Are Ours

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