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You may recall me talking about using the new pay app CurrentC, a few weeks back. When I first told you about the app and how much I love it, I had used it myself at Wendy’s and Giant Eagle. I’m fairly tech savvy and really had a great experience using it.

This time I decided to send my not so tech savvy husband to use CurrentC at Walmart and Sears. I wanted to see if it was as easy for him to figure out the app as it had been for me.  I gave him a little tour of the app mainly in order to show him the passcode, and sent him on his way.  Then I waited for the text or call for help but it never came!

He returned home much quicker than I expected.  I asked him how it had gone and if he would give me a rundown of his experience.  I knew he had completed a purchase at both stores, Sears and Walmart, because I received the receipt in my email, love that feature by the way!

First he went to Sears where he purchased a tool.  He took his purchase to the register where he was waited on by a nice very elderly woman.  He told her that he wanted to use CurrentC to pay.  She mentioned that she hadn’t used it before but they would figure it out together.  I must say it is apparently pretty simple for cashiers as well because she had no problems putting the transaction through on CurrentC.  The paycode popped up on the credit card machine and my husband scanned the paycode and the transaction was quickly completed.  Simple and quick!

CurrentC_Simple_For_All_YoursAndMineAreOursCurrentC_Simple_For_All_YoursAndMineAreOurs CurrentC_Simple_For_All_YoursAndMineAreOurs

Next he went to Walmart to purchase some candy canes for the Christmas tree.  He quickly located the candy and headed to the register.  When it was time for him to pay he mentioned to the cashier that he wanted to pay with CurrentC.  The transaction populated on the phone, he approved it and he was finished, quickly.

His thoughts about the app?  He really liked it.  His only complaint was that he had some difficulty with cellular service inside of Sears.  He looks forward to using the app in the future.

I used the app at Walmart as well in order to test the gift card feature out and I have to say it also went very smoothly.  I wanted to use a credit card to pay for the remainder of my purchase vs. my checking account and was able to do so without issue.  Currently the CurrentC app does not accept most credit cards.  The only drawback I see currently is that the app does not accept all credit cards.  I hope that will come in time as the app comes out of beta and is released in more areas.

CurrentC is currently in beta in the Columbus, Ohio area.  If you’re in the Columbus area or plan to be then I would encourage you to download CurrentC and give it a try for yourself.

Have you tried CurrentC yet?  What are your thoughts if so?

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