Gluten Free Options at WalMart

Recently we moved to a new town about 30 minutes away from where we used to live.  Thirty minutes doesn’t seem that far but it feels like it when you’re trying to find new places to shop and just learn the town as well as surrounding areas, in general.  So far we have found a new Walmart that we like, even though it’s smaller than what we are used to.  I quickly realized that not all Walmart stores are the same and you can’t expect to know where things are in one Walmart just because you knew where they were in another one. 

Our new town is small so that means we only have one grocery store close by and it’s pretty pricey.  We try to do the bulk of our shopping at the Walmart in the next town over.  Typically we can do the bulk of our shopping in an hour tops but I swear it’s been taking us close to two hours with all of the walking through aisles trying to find things.  The upside is the tons of calories we are burning with all of the extra steps!

A few weekends ago we knew there was going to be a Gluten Free sampling happening at Walmart and went to check it out.  Gluten Free and Low-Carb are not one in the same however for me personally I find that I can tolerate gluten free for the occasional treat better than I can tolerate foods with gluten.  The downside to that is that gluten free foods do not always taste great.  So, I was pretty excited to check out some new gluten free products to see how they compared to non gluten free products. 

Gluten Free WalMart

There were a lot of customers who were very interested in the Gluten Free product sampling.  It was really busy from the time we arrived.  We decided to do a little shopping and then swing back by.  When we came back by it was less busy but the only product available for sampling at that time was Udi’s Chicken Burritos.  I honestly was prepared to not like the burrito but was so surprised that it was really good.  I would never have known it was gluten free if someone had just served it to me without saying or letting me see the package. 

I knew I wanted to try the Udi’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizzas so we decided to see if we could find them in the store to take home for later.  I was surprised to see that there’s a little section in the frozen foods for gluten free foods.  We found the pizzas there but they must be pretty popular because there was only one left.  I will let you know what we thought in an upcoming post.

If you follow a low-carb diet do you find that you can tolerate gluten free foods better than their gluten counterparts?

To learn more about the gluten-free products Walmart carries you can visit their speciality gluten free page for information and recipes! Before you go shopping be sure to grab this $1.00 off any Udi’s product coupon!

This post is sponsored by Walmart, AMP & Sverve.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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  1. It's so great to see these gluten free option at Walmart. Love that they have such amazing prices too!
  2. That Udi's bread is really good. I love how delicious it is. Jennifer Sikora recently posted...Valentine Nails from SinfulColorsMy Profile
  3. It's so annoying how long grocery shopping takes when you're in an unfamiliar store ... I like your calorie idea though;) I love that Walmart is making GF foods more accessible, and that they actually taste good, too! Ginnie recently posted...Romantic Waves and Braids Hair TutorialMy Profile

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