Save Time and Money With CurrentC

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I love saving money and actually used to be an extreme couponer back in the day before extreme couponer was a term.  Then the kids started growing up, life became even more hectic and I stopped using coupons other than a few here and there.  If only I could have convenience and savings then my shopping experience would have been so much better and my bank account a little larger!  No such luck because well clipping coupons and using them is time consuming and therefore not so convenient when you have a busy life.  I’m not saying it can’t be done.  It’s just not convenient and sometimes convenience wins out, at least for me.

Save Time and Money With CurrentC

Recently I was asked if I wanted to test a new app called CurrentC.  I figured sure, why not.  I try a lot of apps out but it’s not often that I find one that I feel is going to be something I don’t want to live without.  CurrentC is one of those in that rare category.  Seriously I absolutely love this app!

Save Time and Money With CurrentC

What do I love about it?  You can load all of your loyalty cards into the app so no more carrying around those ugly little cards on your keychain.  You can add gift cards into the app to use when shopping.  This alone is awesome for me because I am always forgetting to use gift cards.  You can also load your checking account to use as a method of payment for when you don’t have a gift card.  The app has offers loaded right in it for discounts. Your purchases are saved in the app history so that you can see what you spent and an email is sent to you with the purchase information!  Really there’s so many things that I love about this app.

Save Time and Money With CurrentCSave Time and Money With CurrentCSave Time and Money With CurrentC

Another great thing about CurrentC is you can save money, have the convenience of only taking your phone shopping with you and it’s easy to setup and use.  Okay that’s four things!

You may be wondering if I was concerned with linking my checking account to it and honestly at first.  However, you cannot access the app without a pin code.  Also after doing some additional research I learned that your sensitive data is not stored in the CurrentC app and it’s not saved to your phone.  So, if your phone is stolen or lost your information is still safe.  Every time the app is closed or you switch to a different app or away from the app, you have to enter your personal pin again in order to access the app.  If someone has your phone and attempts to guess the PIN then it will lock the app after so many incorrect attempts and will remain locked until you restore it.  Also, your payment accounts are converted from account numbers into a random token when you add them to your CurrentC account, therefore your original payment account details are obscured and are not passed to the retailer during a transaction, either.  The pay token is for a one-time use per transaction and a new one is created every time you pay with CurrentC.  Finally, if your phone is lost or stolen you can call the CurrentC Customer Care team and they will lock the access to your CurrentC account.

CurrentC is currently in beta in the Columbus, Ohio area.  If you’re in the Columbus area or plan to be then I would encourage you to download CurrentC and give it a try for yourself.

Save Time and Money With CurrentC
So far I have used it at Giant Eagle and Wendy’s.  Both transactions were very smooth and only sealed the deal for me on how much I love this app.  I cannot wait to try it at CVS so I can use the great offers that are available in the app.

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