#SundaeFundae Bar with Smucker’s®

This post has been written as part of a partnership with the J.M. Sucker Company and the #SundaeFundae campaign. I have been compensated for this post but all opinions are my own.
In my last post I mentioned that we have had a very rainy summer here and while it may be great for the plants to some extent it’s not so great for kids who are itching to get outside and run off mass amounts of energy!  So we’ve spent the good majority of the summer coming up with ideas to keep them entertained so that the bouncing off the walls is as minimal as possible.

One of the ideas we came up with was a Sundae Bar.  While the kids have ice cream often they don’t usually get to add all of the fun toppings to it and if so it’s definitely not up to their discretion as to how much they add.  So, we thought what the heck let’s give them a big variety to choose from and let them go wild!  Smucker’s® offers a lot of options so we were able to find a great selection to offer them.  We also picked up some sprinkles, chocolate chips and whipped cream.

As you can see they were super excited!  They hadn’t even eaten dinner yet so they were also a little skeptical.  They kept asking what are we going to do with them after we make them haha.  Notice we’re outside?  It FINALLY stopped raining!  We were able to have our Sundae Bar outside so less mess to clean up after.  Yay!
They had a lot of fun with this simple activity and it was well worth the minimal cost.  I love making memories with them and they love ice cream!  Surprisingly they didn’t go as crazy as we thought they would with the toppings.
We couldn’t leave the baby out!  He loves Smucker’s Magic Shell® on his ice cream.

What’s your favorite Smucker’s® topping?

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