Because of You! A Thank You And A Giveaway!

I have had a pretty amazing week and mostly because of you!  Each and every one of you who follow my blog, leave me comments, follow the Yours And Mine Are Ours Facebook Page, like – share – comment on my Facebook Page posts.  I am so very thankful for each and every single one of you!  This week my Facebook Page surpassed the 3,000 Fan Mark!  This is huge for me and honestly makes me a little teary eyed.  A year ago when I started this blog I had no idea where it would go or if it would go anywhere.  I am amazed by how much it grows day after day.  I’m sure you’ve noticed more food posts on the blog as of late and good news because you will continue to see them moving forward.  I hope you enjoy the recipes I share with you.  If you try them please come back and comment to let me know what you think.  I love hearing your feedback and honestly your comments keep me pushing forward. The other great thing that happened to me this week?  A recipe I created for the Mystery Ingredient Blogger Showcase moved on to the final round.  Insert jumping, screaming and huge smiles here!  Just making it that far has been a huge and exciting event for me.  But I won’t lie winning would be even better.  *giggle*  I mean who wouldn’t want to win a trip to London?  I’ve never been out of the country before and neither has my husband so if we win it will be a first time for both of us.  Heck we’ve never even been out of state together.  With all of the kids having been at home it was just never a possibility.

Because Of You -

So, pretty great week right?  In honor of my wonderful week and to thank you all for being here with me I am having a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – sponsored by me – .. because of you!  Thank you all so much for everything!  Oh, and I know you all do so much for me already.. I mean I laid it all out above .. but in return for the giveaway you will see one mandatory entry and that’s for you to vote for my recipe.  It’s a very simple click on the link and click the word vote.  Easy peasy!  No entering your email or signing up needed.  To enter the giveaway just use the Rafflecopter form here or on my Facebook Page. What happened in your world this week that you’re thankful for?

**Please Note** The daily entries must be completed 24 hours apart. You will not be able to vote sooner than that. Thanks again! **

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mother of five sons and one daughter, grandmother to two spunky girls and five of the sweetest boys ever, wife to a mostly amazing man .. okay he's all amazing most of the time, blogger, food lover and onion hater.


  1. Awesome Tammy! I would love to win this!! And good luck!
  2. This week I am extremely thankful that my youngest son's right leg is finally all healed up and he was able to get his cast off. I am thankful that he didn't need surgery or any type of physical therapy following the removal of the cast. :)
  3. Kaysie McManus says
    Thankful for my families health
  4. Trying here to win gift card. I would be happy if anyone gets it.
  5. Cindy Offenburger says
    I am thankful for my family! And all the things that we are blessed to have, I have 13 grandchildren, and they are yours mine and ours, as they say with extended families. And am grateful for all of them.
  6. Terri Egelund says
    I'm thankful for my families good health.
  7. Barbara Montag says
    The vote is either 24 hours or one time.
  8. Andrea Crane says
    I am Thankful for my family and friends and the 5 day weekend we get to spend together.
  9. Paula Weintraut says
    nkful so much for my Childrens Health and my 14 Grandchildren so strong and growing.
  10. Barbara Butler says
    I could really use it for Christmas have 5 grandkids to buy for great giveaway
  11. I am thankful this week that I had a family to go enjoy a meal together.
  12. I am thankful it's getting warmer where I live. I am not a fan of cold weather.
  13. Thankful for life! And everything that it has offered and thrown at me. Thankful for my children for they have blessed with love and compassion.
  14. I'm most thankful to have enjoyed Thanksgiving with a friend and her family instead of being alone.
    I AM THANKFUL That i have two great children, too beaufitul grandons, a helpful husband and my beauful golden retriever Tucker.
  17. Lynne Cahill says
    Great Achievement. love the blog. I am most greatful for my family. An amazon gift card is always a super prize.


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