Crockpot Wednesdays – Grandma Carols Chili

I mentioned previously that two of my sons got married in February 2012.  Both couples are young and have learned and grown so much over the past year.  Noah and Steph celebrated their one year … [Read more...]

Crockpot Wednesdays–Slow Cooker Beef Stew

The other day Joe and I were driving down the street with Robbie – our 10 year old.  All of a sudden Robbie says “they must be having SOME shindig over there!”.  Immediately we began laughing at the … [Read more...]

Crockpot Wednesdays – Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup Recipe

I love a good bowl of tortilla soup.  The tortilla soup we typically make takes the better part of the day to prepare and cook.  Although it’s delicious it just isn’t practical on days when we’re … [Read more...]

Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe

I have really been craving soup a lot this past year.  It’s odd because soup was never one of my favorite foods.  It was just okay.. well other than homemade vegetable soup.  Hmm now that sounds … [Read more...]

Not Just Any Pizza Soup Recipe – A MUST TRY!

The first time my husband made Pizza Soup for us I didn’t care for it.  I’m not a big fan of ground beef and the original recipe called for it as well as being a little bland to me.  The next time he … [Read more...]