Kickin’ Meatballs #AppetizerWeek

Here we are .. it’s Day 6 which means it's the final day of Appetizer Week. I hope you have enjoyed all of the wonderful recipes both here and on the other participating blogs as well as the … [Read more...]

Low-Carb Spicy Chunky Vegetable Beef Chili #SundaySupper

Happy Birthday Sunday Supper!  This week I’m bringing Low-Carb Spicy Chunky Vegetable Beef Chili to the party!  Who doesn’t love chili at a get together?  This also cooks in the slow cooker.  It does … [Read more...]

Low-Carb Slow Cooker Chunky Beefy Vegetable Soup #SundaySupper

I'm so excited to be participating in Sunday Supper! I've read so many of the awesome recipes that have been contributed over this past year and finally decided I had to join in. I've always been a … [Read more...]

The Chicken That Ate The Pig – Stuffed Chicken Recipe

I have a confession to make.  Thanksgiving is next week and I haven’t even bought a turkey yet!  As a matter of a fact I haven’t bought anything.  Yikes!  I am a huge procrastinator..always have been … [Read more...]

Asparagus Stuffed Chicken

I love vegetables and I think I could almost be a vegetarian if my family were on board.  I always watch for vegetables in season and love to try anything new that i come across. Right now asparagus … [Read more...]

Crockpot Wednesdays – Slow Cooker Beef And Barley

Do you ever feel like you tend to gravitate towards the same types of meals day after day and week after week?  I know I do.  It seems we tend to have a lot of Mexican – specifically tacos or burritos … [Read more...]

Crockpot Wednesdays – Slow Cooker Cheesy Southwestern Soup

Happy first day of Spring!  I have to say though it seems just plain wrong that on the first day of Spring the high here was only 39!  Yep, you read that right 39 degrees and no that’s not Celsius.  … [Read more...]

Crockpot Wednesdays – Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli

I have the best Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli recipe to share with you today!  If you want to skip right to it just scroll down below where the recipe is. What a difference a few days make!  We … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Shrimp Creole & Prayers For Isaiah

I have to apologize for the lack of posts and late posts this past week.  I’m a bit out of sorts.  One of the things weighing heavily on me is that our grandson is going in to have surgery tomorrow.  … [Read more...]

Crockpot Wednesdays – Slow Cooker Barbacoa With Beans & Rice Recipe

Sorry for the late post.  Monkey is here today so it’s been a bit hectic.  And of course I don’t want to leave him because I don’t see him every day since they moved into their own place.  I can’t … [Read more...]